Matriux – Open Source Security Distribution

We are extremely happy to announce the much awaited Matriux Open Source Security Distribution released at Club Hack 2009. Now it is available for download from

Matriux LogoThe Matriux is a phenomenon that was waiting to happen. It is a fully featured security distribution consisting of a bunch of powerful, open source and free tools that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. It is a distribution designed for security enthusiasts and professionals, although it can be used normally as your default desktop system.

opensource logoWith Matriux, you can turn any system into a powerful penetration testing toolkit, without having to install any software into your hardisk. Matriux is designed to run from a Live environment like a CD / DVD or USB stick or it can easily be installed to your hard disk in a few steps. Matriux also includes a set of computer forensics and data recovery tools that can be used for forensic analysis and investigations and data retrieval.



Download and install Matriux

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel-compatible CPU (i486 or later),
  • 20 MB of RAM for text mode, at least 96 MB for graphics mode with KDE (at least 128 MB of RAM is recommended to use the various office products),
  • bootable CD-ROM drive, or a boot floppy and standard CD-ROM (IDE/ATAPI or SCSI),
  • standard SVGA-compatible graphics card,
  • serial or PS/2 standard mouse or IMPS/2-compatible USB-mouse.

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  1. Hello sir.
    As mentioned in the distribution’s system requirements, it works just about fine with Intel-compatible CPU (i486 or later)….. My question is will there be any compatibility problems if tried with and AMD powered system. My system config resides about with Athlon II X2 245, Asus Motherboard with an 780G chipset, 2 GB RAM & 320 GB HDD SATA.

  2. As per the System requirement of matriux its need Intel processor, Somebody tried in system AMD processor and failed it, So  better you try installation in separate HDD or try  install it as a dual boot.

    You can also run it on top of virtual pcs