Running console applications using Tor

Last time we explained how to install Tor on backtrack. That was for browsers and for some IM clients.Here I will be explaining how to use TOR for console-based applications. These are for applications which doesn’t have any settings for
adding proxy address.
How to do an anonymous scan using applications like Nmap ? or download a file using wget. Here we are using one application called proxychains. The usage is relatively simple. Add the command “proxychains” in front of your commands. For example you can nmap using following command

#proxychains nmap

How to install proxychains ?

#apt-get install proxychains

Proxychaiins configurations

Add Following line to /etc/proxychains.conf

socks4 9050

Now restart the proxy chains and use

how to test your current IP address ?

Open using elinks and proxy chain.

#proxychains elinks 

To know yor real IP address do the same command without proxy chains


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