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EPIC browser is  Mozilla powered web browser for Indians. The browser support most of the Indian languages, also it decorated with many Indian themes.  The other advantage is EPIC browser have many application integrations like video, facebook, twitter etc … And Epic is the world’s only Antivirus browser, you can also see a file browser inside the web browser.  Built in Antivirus Scan downloads automatically. Scan your system manually. Epic Kills any viruses it finds.



Difference from other Browsers

•    The makers claimed that it is the world’s only antivirus browser.
•    Browser has an inbuilt addon to detect websites that are dangerous.
•    It is the first ever web browser from India.
•    Anti-phishing protection – a big bold domain name on the address bar.
•    You can type in 12 different Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu and Punjabi.
•    In the browser’s sidebar you can edit text, read news, view videos and pictures.
•    Having faster browsing and faster downloads.

Download  : Epic Browser

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  1. good man it is good brawsar

  2. Too early to judge!!! I have tried it, To start with its good, lessee how far this one goes…

  3. good man it is good brawser

  4. i am happy when i know india first onw braser is avelable i dont vest my time to downlode it

  5. I installed it, used it for a day, the next day Bitdefender IS 2009 started giving me a virus alert, it says epicSrv is trying to access webagent.all file , the virus name is Backdoor.Generic.239986 which I searched for it later and found out it is used for remote access. I completely uninstalled epic browser, but it still gives me the alert, I tried deleting the folder but alas! I am still looking for some solution, maybe you can share some light….

  6. iam happy, this browser is gooddddddddddddddddddd

  7. Dude , how can this be the first Indian browser? ?
    My company – Blix has already made one called Canure.

  8. very simple and useful, and its our browser to change skin and other facility

  9. thnak for proving such internet surffing platform…thank u very much

  10. i will surely tell to my friends and ask them to download it, but before that i have to expr with this browser first.
    am so proud that indians has a browser for our country.

  11. Be proud an Indian, because this is our own.

  12. this epic browser is very nice
    downloading is faster than internet explorer & google chrome
    I Like this browser & sure i tell u this browser is become populer in all public

  13. hi i want to know weather there is a lock system in this browser or not.
    like master lock to browser to open or close.

  14. i want to give thanks for all users who used of epic browser. it looks very nice. it shows the nationality of my country…….
    so i want to give Thankyou who made this browser…….

                                                              Best Regards,
                                                          Ashutosh kr. Mishra.

  15. Want to download

  16. i am happy. it s a good and many  futures.

  17. yup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! epic is our. :D

  18. its very nice to use and very easy… I Love India…

  19. this browser is very chutiya

  20. iam happy, this browser is good  Thankyou

  21. is there any new versions now?

  22. i like a epic

  23. hai i am vinod form kanpur. I like to epic beacause this is important browse our life.

  24. i read in paper as good browser, i want download

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