“Share your movie” button missing in facebook “look back” video

facebook movie

  After “Year In Rreview” ( ) facebook introduce a new feature called “look back”  As a part of 10th anniversary.  You can go here ( ) and watch your highlighted moments in facebook.  The video is automatically created based on your top photos and shares.  But many users reported that they can watch the video but still they …

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Google+ and the missing social media channel

Google plus logo

  So, it’s been almost six months since the launch of Google+. Back in June and July we were all signing up and creating ‘circles’, but how much have we used it since? More importantly for owners of small businesses, how much do commercial organizations and businesses use the service? Research shows that the idea of Google+ is very attractive …

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Configure a GPRS dialer in Linux using wvdial / gnome-ppp

Accessing internet from linux pc using GPRS connectivity is easy in latest Linux distributions like ubuntu. Some of the Linux distributions are not integrated any of those dialers. Some days back i faild to dial out from my backtrack 5, that inspired me to find out the possibilities and write the possible solutions. I have setup a wvdial and resolved …

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Website design customization in client side using Firefox add-on

Did you ever think that you can remove some unwanted elements from your favorite site?  Yes it is possible using some Firefox add-ons. Some times I have to use low bandwidth connections like GPRS. So  a customized site will load faster in my pc. You can disable ads and others elements from a site which you frequently use. See my …

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GPRS Access point name of Indian mobile service providers

Here is the list of Indian mobile service providers with access point name ( APN ) . APN name is the important potion of a GPRS setting in the phone. Normally you can download GPRS settings from service provide. But some handsets are not supported this formats in that case you have to manually configure GPRS settings in your phone. …

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Google Define IE8 Accelerator with Preview

Besides Security, CSS Support and Speed; the reason why Firefox is becoming the favorite browser for Internet Users is the availability of Tons of add-ons. Internet Explorer 8 came with a Trump called Accelerators. In short, Accelerators are key-board free way of browsing the Internet. Google Define (with Preview) is one such handy and useful IE8 Accelerator which displays the …

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Google command line – GoogleCL

Now access Google services from command line. Google’s new utility called GoogleCL allow you to handle Google services from command line. Initial stage you can use some of the services. That are Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa, YouTube . using this tool we can easily upload albums to Picasa web. Import export contacts. add/ remove google contacts. upload videos to …

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How slow is our high speed internet dreams?

Everyone has dreams. Not only persons but nations also have dreams. India’ biggest dream is to become a developed nation by 2020. We have been a poor country for decades, then we got the status of developing nation. Now we are running to get the unique status of a developed nation. India is the youngest country in the world. Japan, …

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