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NSlookup incorrectly appending domain name in windows 10

Nslookup correct reply

Noticed this problem in Windows 7 and windows 10 systems after adding the system to a windows Domain Controller. The scenario is like this, nslookup query will reply a wrong result if you run the DNS query with a different DNS server. Eg: nslookup (Here it is trying to get IP address of Google from Googles dns server.) …

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Huawei Honor 5X (KIW-L22) Review

Huawei Honor 5X  white

I have been using Huawei Honor 5x for last couple of days. Here is my review about honor 5x. It is a midrange phone with premium look and excellent build quality. Scratch free Metal body gives the phone a robust and sturdy feel. Ideal for gaming and multimedia activities. Finger print scanner is another attraction they have incorporated with this …

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vmware data protection (VDP) ip/dns could not be resolved

tcpdump DNS output

“ANY” (*) DNS Query is used by VMware Data Protection (VDP) After a VMware migration from version 4.5 to 5.5, I struck-up in the installation of VMware Data Protection (VDP) 6.1.1. The deployment of VDP appliance got succeeded. But while configuring the appliance through the web browser (link :, it return an error. “IP/DNS could not be resolved. Please …

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Password lock for whatsapp android messenger

applock whatsapp

Worried about your privacy of chat messages ? nowadays whatsapp is most common messaging application in mobile platforms. There is no inbuilt option to lock the Whatsapp application. and the application not working with a direct authentication mechanism. your phone number is the username and Whatsapp application itself create a key for the authentication and hardcoded in to the local …

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Batch Script to check DNS results from different DNS Servers

Batch Script to check DNS

Normal DNS propogation maximum time is 24 hr to 48 hrs. but usually servers start updating from first hour itself. Server changes and Name server changes usually happen when we migrate Hosting accounts. It is a challenging task for webmasters to get the right DNS reply. In this situation, we use to test popular public dns servers staus. How to …

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“Share your movie” button missing in facebook “look back” video

facebook movie

  After “Year In Rreview” ( ) facebook introduce a new feature called “look back”  As a part of 10th anniversary.  You can go here ( ) and watch your highlighted moments in facebook.  The video is automatically created based on your top photos and shares.  But many users reported that they can watch the video but still they …

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Evernote – Your Digital diary


  Do you have a practice of writing diary ? I do some times. But always faced problem when I tried to find some details of past events. Yes it is good if get a search feature in my diary.  Here is the use of a digital diary. we use to take photographs of the rare events and save it  …

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HP Moonshot System – Atom-based Servers from HP

hp_moonshot_1500_chassis thumb

HP launches first Atom-based Moonshot servers. It is a blade server kind of concept with advantages of cost , power and cooling. Hope you already seen the custom Hyperscale computing designs of google  facebook servers.  Here in HP Moonshot Systems the individual Computers are bring in to a single 4U chassis.   One 4U server is powered with 45 blades. see …

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Anti spam sms filter application for android & Symbian

sms spam control

Nowadays I am fed up with managing some kind of service messages from my mobile service provider.The main annoying factor is the popup SMS ( technically its flash message). Whenever I disconnect from GPRS / 3G service, provider will automatically send a flash sms .Its all about the report of the data usage and balance data (if data plan is …

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Batchfile to disconnect existing RDP connections

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Previously we wrote about how to terminate the existing connections using “tsadmin” and “session” command . We know the command and syntax are difficult to remember. that is why i just converted this commands to a Batch file. Copy the scripts and save it as a .bat file. while executing the batch file , it will prompt for the Ip address / hostname, …

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