html signature in outlook 2007

Older version of outlook has a feature to attach html file as a signature.  Outlook 2007 removed the feature to attach HTML file in signatures. The default editor supports Rich text formatting, and insert images.  Still alignments of images are not possible

Here I have explained how to integrate an HTML signature to outlook 2007. This will help you to add your company logo or other social media icons to your signature. Try it and give me feedback

Create a Signature

1. Go to Tools > Options > “Mail Format” tab
2. Click “Signatures” button
3. Click on “New” in “Signatures and Stationery” window
4. Name your signature and click “OK”

Edit HTML file

1.  Go to signature files path.
Signature files are located at  {User profile}\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures
Eg : c:\Users\binbert\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures
2.  Find the html file with your Signature name.
3.  Open this file with an HTML editor
4.  Put your HTML code under  “<div class=section1> ”
5. Save the file and set this signature as default one


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