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html signature in outlook 2007

Older version of outlook has a feature to attach html file as a signature.  Outlook 2007 removed the feature to attach HTML file in signatures. The default editor supports Rich text formatting, and insert images.  Still alignments of images are not possible Here I have explained how to integrate an HTML signature to outlook 2007. This will help you to …

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How to recover permanently deleted mails from Microsoft Outlook

Some of us delete the mails for keeping the mailbox minimum size as possible. Sometimes we may think about to recover the deleted mails. Besides that, the emails in the mailbox could also be removed automatically after a certain time period due to the emails retention policy configured by the email server administrator. Recovering the emails deleted using Delete button …

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View, Edit, Repair Tool for Outlook auto completion (.nk2) file

The auto completion of Microsoft outlook is working with the help of a file with .NK2 extension. It is an auto generated file according to user activity. Sometimes you may need to edit the file to remove unwanted contacts from the auto completion list. There are no explorers like address book for this file. There is a small utility called …

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