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YouTube recently announced their Movies and Shows channel. You can watch Full length Movies and Shows free of cost . Many good movies are there but most of them are from old collections. Its include many Hollywood movies too, the page Categorized in the sidebar. From there you can select deferent categories like Family, Comedy, Horror, Romance Etc ….  The main advantage is it is legal and You can see High definition quality movies. To watch Shows Go to . Shows channels are well updated.

Youtube Movies

The service expands on YouTube’s existing partnership with several studios, whose parents include Sony Corp., Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., CBS Corp., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and Liberty Media Corp. Single video ads are planned to be inserted in scheduled breaks in shows and movies, Rajaraman said. Sometimes the ads will be sold by Google and sometimes by the content providers.

You can Download this High definition Movies and Shows using Firefox plugging, Read this article

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