Install android on x86 Based desktop or laptop

Now you can test android without an android supported phone, this will help you to review android OS.

Android is a Linux based Operating system for Mobile and tablet devices like netbooks.

Here I used Oracle VirtualBox (Virtualization platform ) to install Android. You can install to hard disk directly. X86 Based OS image is available for download.

Here I virtualized with Oracle Virtual Box , You can download the X86 version of Android from

Or Download From here

screenshots of Android Desktop installation

Mount ISO

android desktop install 1

android desktop install 2 android desktop  install 3

android desktop install 4

android desktopDesktop Menu Android App store android Browser android desktop

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  1. @Jayadev

    Virtual servers Networks work in different mods like NAT, Bridge, local Etc..
    Here i used NAT so no need to configure the network, it will NAT with the Host Computers IP address.

  2. Keyboard is on-screen as shown in the screen shot physical one is also work or not
    And wifi or LAN cable will work automatically?
    What about installing third-party applications?
    One more doubt, any way to enable Malayalam unicode reading and writing on Mac
    RIght now I am able to read without chill aksharangal – but how to write? means without depending any thirdparty application or web?

  3. @ sijo,

    Physical keyboard is working fine. And LAN is working fine for me, But I didn’t test Wireless connection.

    About Malayalam integration. I have to check it, Applications we can download from app-store. Its working fine.

  4. Tried BlueStacks????

    Its a Android Emulator for PCs.. Do a write up on it if possible.. Do check it out.. its free..