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Configure LACP with ESX/ESXi and Foundry BigIron switches


Here we are explaining how to configure ESXi server and Foundry Bigiron  switch for Link aggregation ( LACP ).  It is known as NIC teaming In VMware virtualization. Make sure that you have a Esxi configuration backup before the changes. There are different type of network load balancing mechanisms. here we are using “Route based on IP hash” Configuring Foundry …

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Backup and Restore ESXi configuration using VMware vSphere CLI

vSphere CLI

How to backup Here is the command to Backup ESXi server configuration to your local computer. You should have access to the ESXi server using  vSphere CLI tool. This will help administrator to schedule ESXi backup using Scripts. Download vSphere CLI tool from here. Open the CLI console and run following command. Tool located at C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI> …

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Automatically start virtual machine (guest) Xen Server

It is difficult to start all guest servers whenever the Xen server (Host) restarts. Sometimes the Host Server restarts are unplanned. Services (guest) will be unavailable after restarts. This can be solved by enable feature called “Auto-Start”. Follow the steps to enable this option in Xen Server. Open your Xen – Center Go to the server which you want to …

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Emulating Cisco Routers – Using Dynamips and GNS3

Hi all, I want to share this think with you. Cisco crazy people I don know how they are practicing. Some one may still use lazy boson simulator and some one may use cisco packet tracer. When compared to them the “DYNAMIPS “emulator completely differs. The cisco packet tracer or Boson is just simulators. I want to introduce a new …

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Install android on x86 Based desktop or laptop

Now you can test android without an android supported phone, this will help you to review android OS. Android is a Linux based Operating system for Mobile and tablet devices like netbooks. Here I used Oracle VirtualBox (Virtualization platform ) to install Android. You can install to hard disk directly. X86 Based OS image is available for download. Here I …

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NAT with Port forwarding on Sun Oracle Virtual box

In a Guest OS with NAT network, out going traffic will show the host IP address. we use this mainly for access something form the guest OS. But some times we want to access the guest OS from the network. Normal case this is not possible and will reach only up to the Host server. It is possible through a …

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Server Virtualization for Green IT

Virtualization is a method of running multiple independent operating systems on a single physical Server. It is a way of maximizing physical resources to maximize the investment in hardware.  Number of virtual machines in a Server is depending upon the resource availability of the parent server. Virtualization is the perfect solution for applications that are meant for small/medium scale usage. …

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