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Password lock for whatsapp android messenger

applock whatsapp

Worried about your privacy of chat messages ? nowadays whatsapp is most common messaging application in mobile platforms. There is no inbuilt option to lock the Whatsapp application. and the application not working with a direct authentication mechanism. your phone number is the username and Whatsapp application itself create a key for the authentication and hardcoded in to the local …

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Backup your android applications and data using a computer

android apk bulk backup restore

This is a simple windows application to backup your android applications and the application data. the main advantage is that we can chose our important apps and its data from a single window. There is no need to download all the application when the Android is factory restored or new ROM  installed. this will save Internet bandwidth. this is the …

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Install Android 2.1 UI on Nokia S60v5 mobile


I was searching for a solution to run android on my Nokia 5230. I found some YouTube videos with tag Android and Nokia. After a long search I found some solution to tweak the user interface of Nokia with an Android. Here are the steps to change Nokia UI to an Android UI on Symbian 60V5. Remember this will change …

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Connectbot SSH client for android


ConnectBot is an open sourse Secure Shell client for the Android platform. Using this SSH client you can manage your SSH enabled servers / devices. You can monitor utilization, restart services, analyze logs etc .It can also use as a secure file transfer application. ConnectBot is must tool for system administrators and webmasters who manage their own VPS. You can …

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Install android on x86 Based desktop or laptop

Now you can test android without an android supported phone, this will help you to review android OS. Android is a Linux based Operating system for Mobile and tablet devices like netbooks. Here I used Oracle VirtualBox (Virtualization platform ) to install Android. You can install to hard disk directly. X86 Based OS image is available for download. Here I …

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Iphones and Android phones

What is rapidly changing in this world? I should say, it is the mobile phone technology. The only question remains is that how fast. It’s in the speed of light! Companies are pumping tonnes of money in this sector. Earlier the big news was Google is going to present mobile phones to the world. All the existing giants shook their …

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