Super-fast broadband – The US choice

Now speed is the way of life. In this digital era speed determines everything. From news to day today affairs speed is essential. According to BBC report United States of America takes speed to the next level. For the internet users across the globe, speed is as important as their lives. Recently US government unveiled a plan to give super-fast broadband to every citizen in that country by 2020. The commission proposed this plan and termed it as the greatest challenge. This plan is now before the US congress awaiting for approval. It is estimated that one fourth of US population still don’t have broadband at home. A BBC survey termed internet access as a human right and the participants reiterated that it is the duty of the government to provide the same.
This move is in line with the global outlook about internet. Everyone now a days needs a common platform to interact and internet is the most suitable one. America’s first comprehensive broadband road map was formulated by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In the plan it is predicted that super-fast broadband would provide more opportunities for the youth. It will be a foundation stone for “economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life” the plan states. Now 20 crore Americans are using high-speed internet, it took 20 years to reach this figure. It is estimated that the new plan would cover more people in less time. According to BBC the total cost for the same will be $350bn.
US government may take the way of spectrum auction to find money for this scheme. This would be of PPP (public private partnership) model. Major companies including Microsoft and Facebook have already expressed their interest in the plan. Now the ball is in congress’s court. If everything goes fine, US will be the first nation to provide high speed internet to all. But Republican representatives will say yes? Only time will give the answer.

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