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How slow is our high speed internet dreams?

Everyone has dreams. Not only persons but nations also have dreams. India’ biggest dream is to become a developed nation by 2020. We have been a poor country for decades, then we got the status of developing nation. Now we are running to get the unique status of a developed nation. India is the youngest country in the world. Japan, …

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Super-fast broadband – The US choice

Now speed is the way of life. In this digital era speed determines everything. From news to day today affairs speed is essential. According to BBC report United States of America takes speed to the next level. For the internet users across the globe, speed is as important as their lives. Recently US government unveiled a plan to give super-fast …

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Internet and the world

Recently BBC disclosed the estimate number of Internet users in the world. According to their calculation 171.95 Crore people around the globe use internet. Every day 3.37 laks blog posts are updated in the cyber space. The emergence of social networking also contributed largely to this huge figures. Nobel peace prize for the internet is not a big surprise!. It …

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