Log server performance using Windows performance monitor

Windows performance monitor is a real time performance monitoring tool. It gives result in three different ways, Graphical view Histogram view and plaint text counter view.
Some times we need to log the utilization of a server for the future reference. It includes various  services like IIS, SQL, CPU, Disk usage etc.. you can write them to a file and you can analyse the file using this application itself. Here is the steps to configure windows performance monitor to log the data to a file. here you select the counters which you want.

Open the application,

Go to “RUN” and type “perfmon” ( It will open Performance monitoring window )

Select “Counter Logs” from “Performance Logs and Alerts” in the left panel

Right click in the right side panel and select “New Log Settings”

Give a name

Click “Add Counters”


Add the object,

Set the log interval

If you want to run this as a different user you can specify that in this window

Now Apply setting


you can see the service started ( Green colour ) Right click and start it if it is not started


Now log application start logging performance data to the above file

here it is C:\PerfLogs\CPU_000002.blg

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