Command line tool to Kill remote desktop connections from XP

Error : The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

We have explained the command to reset the remote desktop connections from a windows 7 PC,  As you know windows RDP client will give an error if multiple users are connected through terminal service. Its including console access. In critical situations we have to accrue the session. There are two ways to reset the remote desktop connection. The first method is using an GUI application called Terminal service manager ( Run tsadmin) Here we explained the usage of tsadmin.

How to disconnect remotely logged users of remote desktop

First you have to get access to the target server, If you are in same domain you have access to the server. Or you can gain access by mapping a drive to local computer.

Eg : net use x: \\\c$

Here i am using as example IP, replace it with your IP

Open command prompt, and run

qwinsta /server:


you can see the session IDs in the list, find the ID number which you want to reset

then run command

rwinsta /server: 4

Here 4 is the session ID

Now the session will be cleared and you can access the server

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