Access internet ( GPRS ) in your PC using a mobile Phone

For this, all you want is a GPRS enabled mobile phone. As India’s biggest connection provider-Airtel & Aircel offers the cheapest intrnet plans, i like to share, how to take internet in PC with the help of a GPRS enabled mobile phone with any of these SIMs.
You can get the mobile office settings from the service provider by calling the customer care. Save the setting you get & activate that configaration in your phone. Then, you have to connect that phone to your PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cable connection. Cable connection is better because it gives more internet speed than other ones.

Just click the network icon in the task bar and hit the connect button there. then you will get a new dialog box. Leave all the columns blank except the dial number. Type *99***1# (for idea, aircel, airtel ) as dial number.
Then just click the dial button in the bottom. Its all the things you want to do. Now you are connected to the internet.

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