Find which application/service is running in a port – Windows

Most of the applications are using standard ports, some cases user or application will assign different ports for the application. For example Port 80 is the default port for IIS, if you are trying to start a different web applications it will say error message like “port 80 already in use” . Or you start the third-party web application before IIS starts. IIS will give errors. skype and XAMPP Port conflict is the main example for that.

In these situations we have to find out which application is running on a particular port. Here is the step by step to find out this.

First identify the listening ports in your Server

Go to command prompt and type

Netstat –ano | find “”

You can see the list here

netstat with process id

Find out the corresponding Process ID from the line

Now open the task manager

Go to “View” and “Select Columns”

Put a Tick mark on “PID (Process identifier)”

taskmanager columns

Now you can see the application with process ID.

Here Port 80 is used by Apache ( httpd.exe )

taskmanager process id

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  1. Can also use ‘netstat -anob’ to show the executable name (doesn’t work with the ‘| find’ suffix though because the executable name is displayed on a separate line)..

  2. when i typed the command in the command prompt,i get the reply ‘Netstat’ is not recognised as an internal or external command,operable in a batch file.Please some one should help me as i really need Apache to run

  3. When I did netstat i see that port 80 has PID 1592. I am not able to find the 1592 in PID  in task manager. That is so weird.

    I am not able find what is using port 80 causing issues for me to run tomcat server.

    Please advise.