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Backup your android applications and data using a computer

android apk bulk backup restore

This is a simple windows application to backup your android applications and the application data. the main advantage is that we can chose our important apps and its data from a single window. There is no need to download all the application when the Android is factory restored or new ROM  installed. this will save Internet bandwidth. this is the …

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Google+ and the missing social media channel

Google plus logo

  So, it’s been almost six months since the launch of Google+. Back in June and July we were all signing up and creating ‘circles’, but how much have we used it since? More importantly for owners of small businesses, how much do commercial organizations and businesses use the service? Research shows that the idea of Google+ is very attractive …

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Export the list of virtual machines to a CSV file

out-gridview powercli

Here is the script to collect vmware virtual machines details and export to an excel (.csv) using  vSphere PowerCLI commands. This will help Vmware administrator to take a report of Memory, CPU usage,  Data store, HDD space allocation, Host server, Guest OS etc..  here we are using command “get-vm” and “Select-Object” to filter the properties of virtual machine How to …

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List of VM Property Names in Vmware – vSphere PowerCLI

List of VM Property

VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a Powerful tool to automate the vmware infrastructure management. Here is the list of object names which you can use with “Get-vm” command. This object name will help you to create scripts with specific parameters like Host, Power State, CPU etc. Its also helpful to generate VM list (Inventory). Following list contains Object names and sample …

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Configure LACP with ESX/ESXi and Foundry BigIron switches


Here we are explaining how to configure ESXi server and Foundry Bigiron  switch for Link aggregation ( LACP ).  It is known as NIC teaming In VMware virtualization. Make sure that you have a Esxi configuration backup before the changes. There are different type of network load balancing mechanisms. here we are using “Route based on IP hash” Configuring Foundry …

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Backup and Restore ESXi configuration using VMware vSphere CLI

vSphere CLI

How to backup Here is the command to Backup ESXi server configuration to your local computer. You should have access to the ESXi server using  vSphere CLI tool. This will help administrator to schedule ESXi backup using Scripts. Download vSphere CLI tool from here. Open the CLI console and run following command. Tool located at C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI> …

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Update timthumb.php to prevent Zero Day vulnerability

Recently many sites are infected with timthumb script vulnerability.  Its a Zero Day vulnerability inside image resizing function. Most of the free as well as  paid themes are the victim of this vulnerability. It can be affected in timthumb.php or thumb.php. Update your wordpress theme to prevent the attack. Read more about this vulnerability at VaultPress How to fix timthumb.php You …

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Protect Freemind files with password.

Freemind is a Mind mapping tool which is free of cost. Most of my project and  plannings are managed by this tool. Try it if you have not started using mind mapping tools. It is easy to go through a presentations or meetings. Currently my file has lot of  personal details which are not sharable. This lead me to think …

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Performance testing tool for HDD / DVD / SSD / Flash disks

HD speed

HD Speed is a free tool to check the performance of your hard drive, CD /DVD drives, Solid State Disks, Flash disks, Memory cards Etc. It is a standalone application. It will display a real time graph along with the average / current data transfer speed. This will help you to compare the performance of products like memory cards and …

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