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Use of windows start RUN

Windows Run is the easiest way to access the programs and utility. For example if you want to access application like calculator, you can simply enter text “calc” in to run window and press enter. it will execute the calculator program. if you are a geek reduce the usage of mouse, it will increase the speed of computing. Sometimes we …

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Sharing Workbook – Simultaneous edit on excel files

Did you ever faced problem with consolidating excel sheets ? Usually we share large excel files work with colleagues. and consolidate after the their work. Some time we need to share one excel file to others and they want to edit it simultaneously. Most of the users share the file in network (File server / FTP). But if some one …

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Server Virtualization for Green IT

Virtualization is a method of running multiple independent operating systems on a single physical Server. It is a way of maximizing physical resources to maximize the investment in hardware.  Number of virtual machines in a Server is depending upon the resource availability of the parent server. Virtualization is the perfect solution for applications that are meant for small/medium scale usage. …

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Use Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 It is free

Microsoft SQL Server Express Is a freely downloadable and distributable product from Microsoft. It is a light weight version of SQL server. SQL Server Express includes powerful features such as SQL Server Management Studio Express, for easily managing a database. It is mainly for developers, embedded and smaller-scale applications,  You can Create databases up to 4 GB in size. Also …

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