Password lock for whatsapp android messenger

applock whatsapp

Worried about your privacy of chat messages ? nowadays whatsapp is most common messaging application in mobile platforms. There is no inbuilt option to lock the Whatsapp application. and the application not working with a direct authentication mechanism. your phone number is the username and Whatsapp application itself create a key for the authentication and hardcoded in to the local …

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Evernote – Your Digital diary


  Do you have a practice of writing diary ? I do some times. But always faced problem when I tried to find some details of past events. Yes it is good if get a search feature in my diary.  Here is the use of a digital diary. we use to take photographs of the rare events and save it  …

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How to hide user account in Windows 7

Here I’m showing steps to hide a user account in Windows 7. The user account can be hidden from welcome screen but can be used while sharing etc. Steps Create a new account from User Accounts Make the following changes in registry Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\Userlist Create a new “KEY”  if “SpecialAccounts” is not listed, under special accounts create “userlist” too (again …

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Installation of Windows 8 Developer preview on VHD

It is better to try out window 8 on a VHD as the performance hit will be only on the HDD, rest everything will be on the actual hardware. Windows 8 Download link To install windows8 we can either burn a DVD or create a flash drive and install from it, here I’m using a flash drive. To create a …

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Protect Freemind files with password.

Freemind is a Mind mapping tool which is free of cost. Most of my project and  plannings are managed by this tool. Try it if you have not started using mind mapping tools. It is easy to go through a presentations or meetings. Currently my file has lot of  personal details which are not sharable. This lead me to think …

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Performance testing tool for HDD / DVD / SSD / Flash disks

HD speed

HD Speed is a free tool to check the performance of your hard drive, CD /DVD drives, Solid State Disks, Flash disks, Memory cards Etc. It is a standalone application. It will display a real time graph along with the average / current data transfer speed. This will help you to compare the performance of products like memory cards and …

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html signature in outlook 2007

Older version of outlook has a feature to attach html file as a signature.  Outlook 2007 removed the feature to attach HTML file in signatures. The default editor supports Rich text formatting, and insert images.  Still alignments of images are not possible Here I have explained how to integrate an HTML signature to outlook 2007. This will help you to …

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Introduction to unattended Installations

Unattended installation is an installation technology in which the setup automatically installs with minimum/no interaction with user. This technology is mainly used for installing Operating Systems(OS) in servers and PCs and large-scale roll-outs. The logic of unattended application is that the answers(keystrokes,mouse-clicks and other user inputs) are stored in a file. Then, during the setup process, instead of prompting you …

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nMozhi – Regional GTalk client for Indian languages

nMozhi – a GTalk chat client that allows you to chat in Indian regional language. Ever thought about chatting in regional languages. Then nMozhi is for you. Yes! It’s time to stop those manglish (Malayalam + English), hinglish (Hindi + English) way of chatting. And start chatting in your regional languages.   Regional languages that are supported in the current …

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Techinline – Remote Desktop Sharing Software

Do you want to give remote computer support to your clients and customers? Do you want to connect to another computer located at any place in the world and transfer files, documents and also chat with the customer using a single application. Then go for TechInline remote support software . Techinline give you instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote …

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