Protect Freemind files with password.

Freemind is a Mind mapping tool which is free of cost. Most of my project and  plannings are managed by this tool. Try it if you have not started using mind mapping tools. It is easy to go through a presentations or meetings. Currently my file has lot of  personal details which are not sharable. This lead me to think about a password protected mind map file. Finally i noticed that there is an option to encrypt files in freemind. The main advantage is that we can create nodes without password in the same file.

How to create an encrypted Map

1. Open FreeMind
2. Go to “File” menu and select “Create Encrypted Map”
3. Enter your password when it prompt

How to create a new Encrypted Node

1.Go to “Tools” menu
2.Insert  Encrypted Node

How to unlock and lock again

1.Go to “Tools” menu
2. Toggle Crypted / Encrypted

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  1. I will surely like to try to create an encrypted map.. Thank you for sharing this resourceful post..