List of VM Property Names in Vmware – vSphere PowerCLI

VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a Powerful tool to automate the vmware infrastructure management. Here is the list of object names which you can use with “Get-vm” command.
This object name will help you to create scripts with specific parameters like Host, Power State, CPU etc. Its also helpful to generate VM list (Inventory).
Following list contains Object names and sample outputs.

PowerState              : Power State
 Version                 : v7
 Description             :
 Notes                   :
 Guest                   : WEB-Server-01:CentOS 4/5 (64-bit)
 NumCpu                  : 1
 MemoryMB                : 4096
 HardDisks               : {Hard disk 1}
 NetworkAdapters         : {Network adapter 1}
 UsbDevices              : {}
 CDDrives                : {CD/DVD Drive 1}
 FloppyDrives            : {Floppy drive 1}
 Host                    : vm01
 HostId                  : HostSystem-host-248
 VMHostId                : HostSystem-host-248
 VMHost                  : vm01
 VApp                    :
 FolderId                : Folder-group-v264
 Folder                  : Production
 ResourcePoolId          : ResourcePool-resgroup-247
 ResourcePool            : Resources
 PersistentId            : 502b8ac0-d052-d637-980d-1e52c6f54340
 UsedSpaceGB             : 40
 ProvisionedSpaceGB      : 40
 DatastoreIdList         : {Datastore-datastore-395}
 HARestartPriority       : ClusterRestartPriority
 HAIsolationResponse     : AsSpecifiedByCluster
 DrsAutomationLevel      : AsSpecifiedByCluster
 VMSwapfilePolicy        : Inherit
 VMResourceConfiguration : CpuShares:Normal/1000 MemShares:Normal/20480
 Name                    : WEB-Server-01
 CustomFields            : {}
 ExtensionData           : VMware.Vim.VirtualMachine
 Id                      : VirtualMachine-vm-407
 Uid                     : /[email protected]:443/VirtualMachine=Virt

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  1. Hi Albin,

    it is good to see that you are blogin about VMware vSphere PowerCLI. It is a very useful tool to automate VMware vSphere. However I find the title and the text of this blogpost a bit confusing. In PowerShell and PowerCLI an object is a set of parameters and methods. E.g. the virtual machine object in PowerCLI has the parameters you show in this blogpost, like PowerState, Version etc. I think you better change the title of this post into “List of VM property names in VMware vSphere PowerCLI”. And change the text accordingly.

    Kind regards,

    Robert van den Nieuwendijk