Huawei Honor 5X (KIW-L22) Review

Huawei Honor 5X  white

I have been using Huawei Honor 5x for last couple of days. Here is my review about honor 5x. It is a midrange phone with premium look and excellent build quality. Scratch free Metal body gives the phone a robust and sturdy feel. Ideal for gaming and multimedia activities. Finger print scanner is another attraction they have incorporated with this …

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Anti spam sms filter application for android & Symbian

sms spam control

Nowadays I am fed up with managing some kind of service messages from my mobile service provider.The main annoying factor is the popup SMS ( technically its flash message). Whenever I disconnect from GPRS / 3G service, provider will automatically send a flash sms .Its all about the report of the data usage and balance data (if data plan is …

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Backup your android applications and data using a computer

android apk bulk backup restore

This is a simple windows application to backup your android applications and the application data. the main advantage is that we can chose our important apps and its data from a single window. There is no need to download all the application when the Android is factory restored or new ROM  installed. this will save Internet bandwidth. this is the …

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Gmail touch application for s60 v5 in full screen mode

Default gmail symbian application interface have a on-screen keyboard. It is about 50 % of the phone screen. It is possible to remove the on-screen buttons. there is no limitation because the Gmail application is fully touch compatible. Go through following steps to enable full screen mode Go to menu Settings Application Mgr Installed apps Find Gmail Click Options Suite …

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Create a Nokia mobile application for your Blog Feed

Without any programming skill you can create a Mobile feed reader application for your blog. It will take just less than 5 minute to create the application. Application will serve the blog feeds along with a thumbnail of the image inside the post. See the Sample screen shots of  Binbert Tech portal Mobile Application. You can integrate up to 4 …

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Turn your smart phone into a wifi access point

With the help of JOIKUSPOT application you can change your mobile in to a internet hotspot . If you have an internet connection via GPRS or 3G you can share the internet connection via wireless network (Wi-Fi). It is very easy to share your internet with multiple people. It will work like a normal HotSpot you can access this from …

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Install Android 2.1 UI on Nokia S60v5 mobile


I was searching for a solution to run android on my Nokia 5230. I found some YouTube videos with tag Android and Nokia. After a long search I found some solution to tweak the user interface of Nokia with an Android. Here are the steps to change Nokia UI to an Android UI on Symbian 60V5. Remember this will change …

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Mobile number portability and you

Our life is changing drastically. Technology made our lives even easier that it earlier was. From trunk calls to mobile number portability, India has traveled a long way. With the introduction of low cost mobile hand sets the communication revolution in India took a big leap. During the beginning of 21st century the major concept was “reducing the distance”. The …

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Connectbot SSH client for android


ConnectBot is an open sourse Secure Shell client for the Android platform. Using this SSH client you can manage your SSH enabled servers / devices. You can monitor utilization, restart services, analyze logs etc .It can also use as a secure file transfer application. ConnectBot is must tool for system administrators and webmasters who manage their own VPS. You can …

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WordPress mobile application for Nokia symbian S60

WordPress released a nice mobile application for managing wordpress blogs, WordPress for Nokia is an open source project under GPL license . The application support symbian platform. You can run this application in S60 and Maemo powered Nokia mobiles. If you are a developer you can contribute here Application can use with wordpress blogs with version 2.7 or later . …

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