Enable SSH access in Cisco ASA 5510

Once you are done with the basic configuration of Cisco ASA 5510, the next step is to enable SSH access from remote computers internally or externally, Steps involved in configuring SSH is as follows Firewall_5510#config t Firewall_5510(config)# enable password xxxxx(your password) Enable password is necessary to enable ssh access Firewall_5510(config)# username test password test123 User name and password for connecting …

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Worlds fastest router with guinness world record

Cisco announced that Guinness World Records, an authority for record-breaking achievement around the world, has certified the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS-1) as the highest capacity Internet router ever developed. The new router will be the first networking technology to be recognized by Guinness World Records. The CRS-1, announced in May, is designed to shuttle traffic across the backbone of the Internet. …

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Differences Between CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6e Cables

Category 5 Category 5 transmits at 100MHz frequencies, providing a rated line speed of up to 100Mbit/s and a max cable segment length of 100 meters. Most Category 5 cables, designed for early networks, only used two twisted pairs. Older Category 5 cables continue to make up the bulk of the world’s network infrastructure. Category 5e An improved specification to …

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NAT with Port forwarding on Sun Oracle Virtual box

In a Guest OS with NAT network, out going traffic will show the host IP address. we use this mainly for access something form the guest OS. But some times we want to access the guest OS from the network. Normal case this is not possible and will reach only up to the Host server. It is possible through a …

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GlassFish Performance Tunning

GlassFish is an application/web server for deploying Java based web application. To obtain best performance in production environment, some modification has to be made to the default GlassFish installation. Tip 1:  Java Version Typically, many performance optimizations are always being incorporated in newer releases of Java SE.  Whenever possible, it is a good idea to upgrade to  the latest version …

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keytool IUI to manage SSL Certificate in Glassfish Web Server

To setup SSL in different java based web servers like Apache, Tomcat, Glassfish, we generally use the keytool command line to create certificate, generate CSR etc…,  which is a bit complicated and confusing if you are not well versed with the keytool command line, We can make our life much more easier, by using Keytool IUI which is GUI version …

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Enable database encryption on PuTTY Connection Manager

PuTTY Connection Manager is a free PuTTY Client Add-on. It can store sensitive information’s like IP address username and passwords of our Servers and Network switches. We can save even commands and scripts in the Connection manager database. Once a connection create and save in the database anyone can access that server without user id and password. It is not …

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Security features of OpenDNS


OpenDNS is one of the public DNS Servers. Open DNS provides many useful features like security caching and web filtering. Comparing to other Public DNS services, security is the main feature of open DNS. Here we listed some security features of Open DNS

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IP address conflict – Source device identification


IP ( Internet Protocol ) Address conflict occurs when two different devices in local network are using the same IP address, It can happen due to the mistakes from engineers or rogue DHCP server. However once the IP conflict happened in a critical devices we want to find out the device in few minutes. In large networks it is difficult …

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