All in one Online web messengers – Chat without a Messenger software

After my last post i am getting lot of feedbacks manly from some collage students .They said that Messengers are blocked at their collages / work place. even that Live,Yahoo,Gtalk Web messengers. In that case you can use this web based all in one messengers. Also some one want to login all messenger accounts in single windows. It is possible …

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Security features of OpenDNS


OpenDNS is one of the public DNS Servers. Open DNS provides many useful features like security caching and web filtering. Comparing to other Public DNS services, security is the main feature of open DNS. Here we listed some security features of Open DNS

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Download videos from YouTube using Firefox add-on

You can download YouTube videos for offline reference. But YouTube is not providing this facility. Most users are downloading these videos with some software or online converting websites.  But here you can see how to download YouTube videos in a single click with the help of a Firefox add-on. “1-Click YouTube Video Download” is a Firefox add-on for downloading videos …

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New Session feature in IE8

The default browser architecture allows a web-user to only share a single session of a particular domain. Precisely, if you login to your Gmail account in one tab & tried to login to another GMail account in another tab or in new browser window, you’ll be automatically redirected to your previously logged in GMail account. This happens because of the …

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