Create a simple web based file server

HFS is an open source application to create a simple file server. It is a lightweight file server with file size of 600 Kbyte. This is a standalone application. So you can setup your web based file server in minutes. Good for small offices / instant file sharing. This server can be used as anonymous or with user accounts. File uploading feature help your friends to share their files without uploading in public file sharing servers.

By default HFS application is listening TCP port 80. You can change if you are already using this port for some other application. Read this  article if you have port conflicts. HFS is supported by Wine, so linux users can use the advantage of HFS. Inbuilt DNS updater is one of the interesting features of HFS. So that you can configure your DynDNS account with HFS and assign public domain name for your file server. It is helpful for internet connections with dynamic IP address.

Browse HFS

You can see connected users in  the application bottom panel. Full control over connected users in terms of bandwidth and access list. It will also log the IP address of connected users.

Download :  HFS

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