Basic tips for better mobile battery life

As the use of mobile phones are increasing the competition between mobile companies are also increasing.
Most people prefer the mobiles with good battery back-up than other specifications.
but a few only are getting the same. The battery back-up is low not only because of the manufacturer but of the user.
Here are some tricks and tips to increase the stand-by time of y0ur phone…

*Decrease the LCD brightness of your mobile as much as you can.
*Set your display back-light time as to 5 seconds. Most of the phones comes with 10 or 20 seconds as default back-light time.
*Use ‘vibrate’ or ‘ring tone’ as the Ring alert. Don’t use both. Ring tone will be better than the other.
*De-activate all the unwanted tones and alerts (like ‘warning tone’ ‘connection tone’ ‘error tone’ etc)
*Don’t overcharge the mobile. It will lead to the battery to expand.
*Charge your phone if necessary.(if the battery charge is below 20%)
*Charge your phone only with the charger you got from the phone provider.
*Don’t allow your battery to fully empty.
*Calling & Image capturing takes more charge than the others.
*Switch off your phone in places that having low Network range or no range.

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