Change or remove firefox Personas / themes / Skins

Personas are the themes for firefox. After updating Firefox to 3.6 it start displaying the theme page in next restart. So many of them ( including me ) Just tried out the that firefox Skins. It is pretty good in look and feel. But I am not comfortable with some dark themes. It is too difficult to understand and read the menus. We can change them in a single click. For that just go to and click on the Personas. It will replace the skin with the selected one. But I decided to remove the current Personas and go back to the default firefox theme

firefox dark theme

To go back to the Firefox previous Theme

  • Go to Tools > Add-ons
  • Now select Themes Tab from Add-ons window
  • There you can see the list off themes you installed.
  • Select Default and press “ Use Theme” Button

Firefox Personas change

It will change settings to default.


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