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Do you want to give remote computer support to your clients and customers? Do you want to connect to another computer located at any place in the world and transfer files, documents and also chat with the customer using a single application. Then go for TechInline remote support software .

Techinline give you instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers over the web and to any place in the world.
Techinline Remote Desktop is easy to use and browser based remote connection tool. Also supports desktop sharing and file transfer protocol with any firewall and proxy servers. With Techline remote desktop software you can take control of remote desktops without pre-installing software.



Features of Techinline

  • Techinline Remote Desktop tool is browser based. No exe file installation is needed.
  • Remotely control any desktop anywhere in the world
  • Transfer files/clipboard between the remote and local computers
  • Reboot and reconnect the remote computer
  • Send and receive text chat messages

1. Login to your account from here and install require tool for start remote desktop tool on your browser.

2. Request client to provide his/her six digits Client ID.

3. Then enter client id in create session and press connect button.

4. After success full connection, you can take control of remote computer.

You can try this tool for 15 days as trial basis and if you like you can continue with it. For try it free click here.

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  1. Thanks for objective article! Just finished passing through it’s trial. Would say that it’s one of the easiest remote desktop applications I’ve seen researching. That’s an important factor for my work. Cooperating with my clients remotely I need very simple in use remote desktop software due to their abilities. Would try full version of it.
    thanks again!

  2. techline is a browser-based solution. Most hosted solutions are priced per month or per year. Some of them don’t require download. So it is easy to deploy, but insecure.

    There is a completely different approach: remote support appliance.
    Compared to the hosted solutions, appliance does not charge monthly fee and the upfront cost is low because appliance comes as a complete hardware and software bundled and pre-configured package. In most cases, it is also easy to deploy (plug-and-play). And you could deploy it behind your firewall. As for the maintenance, most of appliances have self-updating functions, so easy too. The leading vendor in this category is Sonicwall and RHUB