Create a Nokia mobile application for your Blog Feed

Without any programming skill you can create a Mobile feed reader application for your blog. It will take just less than 5 minute to create the application. Application will serve the blog feeds along with a thumbnail of the image inside the post. See the Sample screen shots of  Binbert Tech portal Mobile Application. You can integrate up to 4 RSS Feeds in this application. Almost all the Symbian phone models support the application

Step by step Procedure to create OVI application

Ovi App Wizard is the platform to build this application

Go to :

Give your RSS feed in this text box. And click Preview button


Now you can see the application preview in right hand side (Image not added here)

Once you give the Feed address it will ask for other feed. Give the details If you have more than one feed

Then click “Next Step”


Here you can Customize the appearance of the application.

First Name the application

Create and Upload an original image in PNG, JPG or GIF format for your application icon. It should be at least 80 x 80 pixels.

Give RSS feed titles

Create and  Upload an original image in PNG, JPG or GIF format for your logo. It should be at least 360 x 60 pixels.

Change colours if it is needed.

Select application language and go to next step


Tick both checkbox and continue


Just Click “Next step” If you are not interested for Advertising


Fill all the details about your application and Press Finish


You should have a  NOKIA publisher account . you can create an account in next steps if  you don’t have

Once you complete your setup wizard You can see following page

Here you can edit application again or View in emulator. You can also test this application in your mobile before submitting to ovi.

Once you are satisfied with  your application then click “Submit to OVI Store”

verification process will take 1-2 days.


Once the application is reviewed by Nokia. it will be available on OVI Store

See My application link :

It can be searched and downloaded through OVI Store application.


If you have any doubt feel free to Ask

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