Mobile number portability and you

Our life is changing drastically. Technology made our lives even easier that it earlier was. From trunk calls to mobile number portability, India has traveled a long way. With the introduction of low cost mobile hand sets the communication revolution in India took a big leap. During the beginning of 21st century the major concept was “reducing the distance”. The very concept changed the whole thing. More and more telecom companies started operations in India. Spectrum auction became the main revenue generation exercise of the government. Then according to the instruction by TRAI one second billing concept introduced in India. Now the time has come for the much awaited mobile number portability.

What does it mean

Mobile number portability is a system that allows the customers to change their service providers without changing the mobile number. It is a welcome move since it gives customers the freedom of choice. But there is another view also which says this move will affect the profitability of the telecom companies. When the competition among mobile companies increases naturally the end beneficiary will be the customer. It is easy to change to the system of number portability, just contact the service provider and that’s it.

Mobile company shares

Reliance, TATA, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, MTN…the list is getting bigger day by day. Increased competition only means decrease in profit. In the short term mobile number portability will be a blow for the telecom company shares. But surely stability will happen in the telecom sector after the implementation of number portability. The latest news from telecom sector is that –the field is set, get ready to reach the skies.

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