Anti spam sms filter application for android & Symbian

Nowadays I am fed up with managing some kind of service messages from my mobile service provider.The main annoying factor is the popup SMS ( technically its flash message). Whenever I disconnect from GPRS / 3G service, provider will automatically send a flash sms .Its all about the report of the data usage and balance data (if data plan is active). It will send even if we activated DND. actually this is a useful service. But in 3G/GPRS enabled smart phones,  some applications automatically connect Internet to sync / communicate with server. After each dial (which is happening in background ) service provider send this message. So some times it look like spaming . Then I start thinking about how to block them.  Here comes  the use of a anti- spam SMS filter.

Sample SMS which will filter


Dear Customer your data usage: Cost: Rs.0.00, Vol: 12.954MB, Duration: 3.11.50(Hr.Min.Sec), Bal Volume Pk1: 575.57MB, Validity ends on 01.11.2012

I tested two android application to spam control this sms. both application will work without any complicated settings, just install and run

No Spam Sms  | Android

Download from Play Store

Spam Agent – SMS Filter  | Android

Download from Play Store

Spam Agent – SMS Filter | Symbian (Nokia)

Download from Direct link

Its also available in OVI store

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