Epic browser portable edition

Earlier Arun Wilson explained about How to create a portable application using winrar. You can create a portable version of Epic Browser in same way. Go through following steps to create your own. You need winrar application in your computer.

First you have to download Epic Browser and install in your computer.

Now go to your installation folder

Default location of Epic browser is C:\Program Files\Epic

Compress all files to, For that go to C:\Program Files\Epic and select all files right click, From menu select “ Add to Epic.rar”

Compressed file will be in “C:\Program Files\Epic” folder

Copy that file to desktop Then Open it using winrar

Click the SFX icon

Epic SFX

Select Advanced SFX Options

advanced epic rar

Type “epic.exe” in Run after extraction

run epic rar

Go to Modes tab

Select “unpack to temporary folder

Select “Hide All”

Select “Skip Existing files”

modes epic rar

Then Press “OK”

Now the epic.EXE file will be generated in the same directory

Now the file is ready for the mobile use, you can run it from a pen drive by copying the single exe file.

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