Right click and upload your photos to imgur.com

imgur.com is a free image hosting service. They have some nice tools to upload images form different application / platform. All are free applications.  Here Is one of the interesting applications for imgur.com. A simple program that allows you upload an image to imgur.com in 3 clicks.. It supports multiple files. You can upload to imgur.com without registration so it is an easy method to upload and shares your images. Download and install this light weight applications from following link

Download:  http://imguruploader.codeplex.com/releases/view/40965 (340 KB)

Right click menu imgur

After the application installation, you can see a new option in your “Send to” menu when you right click on the image.  Right click -> Send To -> Imgur.  Application will start uploading to server. Once the progress bar reach 100 % it will display the URLs. You will also get a direct url to the image.

uploaded image imgur

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