Two ways to resolve Terminal server limitation error

Error : The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

Windows servers can establish only two remote desktop connections simultaneously. But if the session is in Disconnected mode ( If its close without log off  ) you can access this session again. But if any two sessions are logged in you cannot get a new RDP Connection. And you will get the above error.   You can terminate any sessions. Find the following two ways to get a connections. Before that try to access the console using following command. for both methods you should try as an administrative account. if it is a different user gain the access using “net use” command

Here is the example Ip address

mstsc /v /f –console

Using Terminal service manager ( tsadmin)

Do it from a windows server which is under same work group or domain.

  • Go to RUN and type “tsadmin”

It will open the terminal service admin console. and you can see the local RDP sessions here.

  • Now you go to actions >> Connect to computer in the menu bar
  • Give IP address of the server which you want to connect

1 tsadmin

Once you get the connection you can see the list of sessions in the right panel of the window

  • right click the session which you want to terminate

There you can see features like connect, Disconnect, Send message, remote control, Reset, status, log Off,

( Do the action depends your environment, You can see User name, session Id, state and Logon time )

2 remote servers

Using Command line

query session /server:

For windows Xp reffer this Article : link

Now identify the session id from the result and replace “ID” with your corresponding id in following command

reset session “ID” /server:

3 remote session from cmd

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