Google ready to resume talks with China

It seems the ice is going to melt. There are reports that Google is ready to resume talks with China. According to the wall street journal report, Google explores opportunities to talk to Chinese authorities regarding search results. Further clarifications regarding the talks are unknown. Last January, Google threatened China of a possible pull back because of the government restrictions in search engine results. Google accused that with the help of government itself cyber criminals are attacking gmail accounts of human right activists in china. These ‘cyber crimes’ according to Google were reported from two schools in China. Chinese government as well as the school authorities denied the report. Google-China fight became an international issue without much time. US president Barack Obama asked Chinese government to give a proper reply to Google. He also said that these cyber crimes are very serious in nature. Talks will resume after the Chinese New year celebrations reports wall street journal.
China stands extreme opposite to these allegations. They are against Google and said that it helps US and the western countries to intrude into China. Earlier China made it mandatory to install special software in all the PCs in the country.  Search in China will only provide the desired results as approved by the government authorities. China made it clear that they will never loosen their rules for the smooth operation of Google in the country.  Communist China told Google that they have to obey the social responsibilities of the country If they want to do business in the most populated country in the world. There were reports that Google took the decision all of a sudden. China ranks first in terms of most internet users in the world. Which means china is a huge market for Google. These facts forced Google to rethink. It is believed that Google would agree with Chinese terms of edited search results!

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