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Batch Script to check DNS results from different DNS Servers

Batch Script to check DNS

Normal DNS propogation maximum time is 24 hr to 48 hrs. but usually servers start updating from first hour itself. Server changes and Name server changes usually happen when we migrate Hosting accounts. It is a challenging task for webmasters to get the right DNS reply. In this situation, we use to test popular public dns servers staus. How to …

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Parental control using OpenDNS Family Shield


DNS level security system is one of the easiest ways to implement. No need to update the signatures locally. Because all the updates happening in server side itself. And the main advantage I noticed is there is no softwares ( client application ) required. Open DNS is secured DNS service, In addition they launched a new service called Family Shield, …

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Security features of OpenDNS


OpenDNS is one of the public DNS Servers. Open DNS provides many useful features like security caching and web filtering. Comparing to other Public DNS services, security is the main feature of open DNS. Here we listed some security features of Open DNS

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