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Two ways to resolve Terminal server limitation error

remote access

Error : The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections Windows servers can establish only two remote desktop connections simultaneously. But if the session is in Disconnected mode ( If its close without log off  ) you can access this session again. But if any two sessions are logged in you cannot get a new RDP Connection. …

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Bat file for continuous Ping with background Colour changes

ping color

We are using ping command to monitor the networks, Sometimes we have to monitor multiple IP address with continuous ping in different windows. Normal command line is with a black colour background and white text. But it will be better to show a red window if the Request timed out. And the default success pings with a green background. Here …

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Server / Network Documentation with SYSID

Documentation is always tedious task for system administrators, especially there are 50’s and 100’s of servers. Recently I planned to document all my servers. After a long search I reached SYSID site, it is an open source, nice VB Script and python script for creating  decent looking documents,   It is very nice to document windows servers and desktops, The project …

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Security features of OpenDNS


OpenDNS is one of the public DNS Servers. Open DNS provides many useful features like security caching and web filtering. Comparing to other Public DNS services, security is the main feature of open DNS. Here we listed some security features of Open DNS

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IP address conflict – Source device identification


IP ( Internet Protocol ) Address conflict occurs when two different devices in local network are using the same IP address, It can happen due to the mistakes from engineers or rogue DHCP server. However once the IP conflict happened in a critical devices we want to find out the device in few minutes. In large networks it is difficult …

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Default Time To Live (TTL) values

TTL is a timer value included in packets sent over TCP/IP-based networks that tells the recipients how long to hold or use the packet or any of its included data before expiring and discarding the packet or data. Folloing are the list of Devices / Operating system with Default TTL values

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