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ftp commands from batch script

This article explained how to automate the ftp activities from batch file. It will helps to automated file moving process. This example batch file is for upload backup files to ftp server. Here we used an additional configuration file ( ftp.cfg ) for FTP commands. Configuration file should be in the same directory of batch file, or specify the path …

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Bat file for continuous Ping with background Colour changes

ping color

We are using ping command to monitor the networks, Sometimes we have to monitor multiple IP address with continuous ping in different windows. Normal command line is with a black colour background and white text. But it will be better to show a red window if the Request timed out. And the default success pings with a green background. Here …

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Previous / yesterday’s date in DOS batch file

Here is the script to get previous date output in DOS using bat files. This is very useful when we take backup of files with previous date name. (for example backup_daily_20072010.zip ) or can set bat files to get last 7 days backup to a zip.  According to your requirement you can get any previous date from this script.  See …

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