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Redhat linux hardening tips & bash script

From the time a servers goes to live environment its prone to too many attacks from the hands of crackers (hackers) also as a system administrator you need to secure your Linux server to protect and save your data, intellectual property, and time here server hardening comes into effect. Securing a server is much different than securing a desktop computer …

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Debian lenny Colorful Bash prompt and file names

Fancy bash and ls color is helpful feature in linux. Once we install Debian lenny, the bash prompt and ls result will show in normal ( black and white ). so i planed to make some changes in the profile file. This will helpful for Linux server administrators. To change in to a colorful prompt do following, Open /etc/profile It …

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Printing command from history without executing

We all know that, BASH stores the commands we entered in the terminal to .bash_history, we can see those commands using history command. Commands in the history can be executed by ! followed by the number,  !5 (5th command in the history will get executed). But what if we only need to print the command, instead of executing, we can …

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