Aneesh Unnikrishnan

I am a Systems Engineer & a Technical blogger, currently working in a Financial broking firm at Cochin, and am interested in Chatting, Listening music, blogging, Watching TV etc..

Cannot Connect to the Printer, Printer Processor does not exist.

  When we trying to share a printer connected to a Windows XP machine with Windows 7, getting an error message like “Cannot connect to the printer, Printer processor does not exist”. If you get a Windows 7 machine, it makes sense to share that printer so that any computer can print to it. Unfortunately, trying to print to a …

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Java Applet Not Working (Blank) in IE9

Hi all, Microsoft launched IE9 RC successfully, in IE9 when we try to play videos, musics or TV shows which is based on Adobe flash,Microsoft silverlight or Java the plugins are not loading and it seems blank. The Java is not running in IE9 problem happens the user has installed the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) into his …

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How to recover permanently deleted mails from Microsoft Outlook

Some of us delete the mails for keeping the mailbox minimum size as possible. Sometimes we may think about to recover the deleted mails. Besides that, the emails in the mailbox could also be removed automatically after a certain time period due to the emails retention policy configured by the email server administrator. Recovering the emails deleted using Delete button …

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