Anbarasu Durai

Presently working in Voxpop Technologies and has 6 years experience in IT IMS field. I am happy to share my gained knowledge to make others learn some thing from me and for me to learn from them. interested in Networking / Security / Virtualization / Electronics

Emulating Cisco Routers – Using Dynamips and GNS3

Hi all, I want to share this think with you. Cisco crazy people I don know how they are practicing. Some one may still use lazy boson simulator and some one may use cisco packet tracer. When compared to them the “DYNAMIPS “emulator completely differs. The cisco packet tracer or Boson is just simulators. I want to introduce a new …

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Enable Night Vision Ability to your Digital Cam

INTRODUCTION A Surveillance Camera is widely used to monitor a particular location or a part of a building, a camera will grasp the happenings that happens within the range of its focus and sends them in the form of video to a server or a display. A Camera must need a light source to clearly picture and send the data …

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DNS Servers – Why DNS and How it works

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I hope most of you know about what is what about DNS, the mighty ” Domain Naming System ( or Service or Server ). This DNS is used for Name resolution purposes. So why name resolution is needed ? ( Many questions ha ? ). In early days Http and other services were accessed by concern server IP addresses, but …

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