WI-FI Spy Robot – Spyke

Spyke is the first robot to be built that you can transform and control from a computer through a WiFi connection! Moreover, you can control him from anywhere in the world via Internet! Spykee is the first robot to be built that you can transform and control from a computer through a WiFi connection spyke

Its video camera, microphone, and speaker let you see, hear, and speak to remote locations by way of the its WiFi capability. Spyke can act as a Web phone, mobile music player or guard, automatically sending you an e-mail what it detects motion. When its batteries run low it will automatically find its charging station and plug itself in.

Spyke skype

Standing approximately 1 foot tall, Spyke is the Wi-Fi spy robot to build. And once built? Well, this remarkable robot acts as your walking, talking spy, a wireless VOIP phone, a webcam, a digital music player for your MP3s, and personal video surveillance thanks to Spyke’s motion detector. Unlike the majority of its predecessors, Spyke is both fun and functional and the result is a cool robotic toy with an impressive set of features.


  • Spy robot – Spyke moves, watches, speaks and listens
  • VOIP phone – Use your Spyke as a wireless VOIP phone (compatible with Skype 3.0 PC technology)
  • Digital Music Player – listen to your own music over Wi-Fi with Spyke
  • Video Surveillance – When a movement is detected, Spyke activates an alarm on your computer or sends you a picture by email
  • Other play functions include snapshot, sound and video recording, light, voice and sound effects and video filters
  • Wi-Fi card included
  • Motion sensors activate automatically when something happens
  • Returns to recharging station automatically when battery is low
  • Control on local Wi-Fi connection or remotely on internet

Run the comprehensive software and you have a Wi-Fi-enabled robot that can be controlled on a local connection or remotely from the Internet through a well-crafted and easy-to-navigate MMI or Machine Man Interface. This page can be opened using the CD ROM provided or downloaded via www.spykeworld.com

Approximate price – $299.00

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