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DNS Servers – Why DNS and How it works

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I hope most of you know about what is what about DNS, the mighty ” Domain Naming System ( or Service or Server ). This DNS is used for Name resolution purposes. So why name resolution is needed ? ( Many questions ha ? ). In early days Http and other services were accessed by concern server IP addresses, but …

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IP address conflict – Source device identification


IP ( Internet Protocol ) Address conflict occurs when two different devices in local network are using the same IP address, It can happen due to the mistakes from engineers or rogue DHCP server. However once the IP conflict happened in a critical devices we want to find out the device in few minutes. In large networks it is difficult …

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Default Time To Live (TTL) values

TTL is a timer value included in packets sent over TCP/IP-based networks that tells the recipients how long to hold or use the packet or any of its included data before expiring and discarding the packet or data. Folloing are the list of Devices / Operating system with Default TTL values

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