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Identify unknown device driver manually

If you find a diver conflicted device in the device manager, It is difficult to identify the device. Most time it will be names as “Unknown device” “PCI Device”. There are some softwares to identify the device manufacture. Here I explained how to identify this device manually Open Device manager Run command (devmgmt.msc) Take the properties of the device which …

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Find chipset, processor, memory, motherboard model information with CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a nice tool to find hardware information’s like Chipset, Motherboard, Memory, Motherboard, Graphic card,L1 L2 L3 Cache memory without opening the cabinet. It is a very helpful and must tools for a hardware / System engineer. It is also a great tool for nontechnical end users to cross check the billed materials like Number of memory modules, bus …

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