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Backup and Restore ESXi configuration using VMware vSphere CLI

vSphere CLI

How to backup Here is the command to Backup ESXi server configuration to your local computer. You should have access to the ESXi server using  vSphere CLI tool. This will help administrator to schedule ESXi backup using Scripts. Download vSphere CLI tool from here. Open the CLI console and run following command. Tool located at C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI> …

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Difference between Differential Incremental and Full backups

Here is a simple explanation of different types of backup methods. Below diagrams are showing three days backup in different methods. The blue color indicated the previous day’s full backup. Green is the growing data of each day. Orange is the quantity of backup data. I would like to explain one more scenario. One company with a backup policy as …

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Basic tips for better mobile battery life

As the use of mobile phones are increasing the competition between mobile companies are also increasing. Most people prefer the mobiles with good battery back-up than other specifications. but a few only are getting the same. The battery back-up is low not only because of the manufacturer but of the user. Here are some tricks and tips to increase the …

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